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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  January 31, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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no @noc rec 2 wait n after- longer.noc rec 2ívóacvv @ort" c 2or c tureesc @noc re ívc rec 2ívóacv cv and tom hudson. rt" is made possible@no@noc rec 2í@
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>> tom: good evening and@noc re2 cvbinoc rec 2óvóa afte2 óvsuóasicve, amazon shares felly noc rec 2óvóacvrly results.@nocv numberóacv @noc @noc rec 2ter. noc rec 2óvóacv expecting.2óvóacv $17.4 billion,@
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@estinomac teres.c 2 cvc rec 2óvóa úvóacvúvóacvsay that holiday sap 177%. joining us@noc or of research ah >> susie: allúvóacv rightuc soy analys ma@nagemeno mightnoc rec 2 inúvóacvt quart? @noc re tc h2eyúvc rec 2hatd to. óacvgrowth in thei other caóacvhey need to me 2f@noc .@noc rec rec utnoc specifics, @thinnokc rec 2 cens
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thatnoc rec 2avóacvore are wec t will it just be repeat lot of profit t@ ino'dc rec 2ava been pushing atcees, less thane@no willing t2 ko youisnoc rec 2avóacv with that2 isavóacv @mazhe right>> i certainly @ffernoc rec 2 theavóacvfar cvprice point,c dreoc es2n'tava makei think it'scv the kindle as podia
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@ noc amazon platform t@noc rec 2 thata i@d tonoc rec 2 ibvt.óacs they areith apexpel deeper wa@ @ rec al2readnnoc rec 2bvóacv con. i thinkbvóacv a actually susie: let's t bit ab@out thu have been recomme @it wasno dc owrenc 2 youno fc v tonight?c 2bvóacv >> i think unlike reported, thee similar amount, you know@noc ose rec atnoc bvi óaooked 2nnoonc .rec cvi t reaction it was aóa kcvnow, the report n. it was soft on>> susie: would@ no c itrec 2 atbvóacv still do,v
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longerazon is not jto lower@ businesses, but ultimeir experiv cvvertising, cetera. not kind of aall thes and@ retal nococ ntreinc ue2 tocvóacv om. i thinkc on2linecvóacv potentia e-@: i have to jump@nov t. >> susie: thancvóacv ken. thoug. >> susie: i've@no with ken s@noc rec research a@e
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saw a big dvc frreomc d2ecembedvr'óas cvr óacv nonsumers ue this year.@ noc rec 2dvóacvy convinces consv welusterevels.>> tom: stocks stt drop@ i c 2 dow lost@noc rec gain almose dvóatwcv.regnc s 2tonighdvtóacv. a third st@raightno mc onre all citi@noc rec 2dvnd poor's cr innoc rec 2dvóacv dvóacv erika miller from here.@
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noc óacvnooic nsre ac n 2estimaevtev experthalf million.@noc unfortunately for se ounotlc oorek c fo2r th is becoming linongc sreeac so2, @report tracking 20 metrop@noc re reoc rec 2evóand that'sc coevmióangcv off two mon cv october. >> reporter: rec fallen by a third since the 2pricnoesc nreowc s2tand aevt, @problem is t@he vasnoc trec evnonc rec 2evóacvfvóacvakc d2a
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@the nojoc b remac er@e's anoc a fvóaof lack of confidence inc r2 market rcvany people who do wanbecause they don@'t quano2 housing market can best be st@abiliz it is not likely to surg@noc rev reonc .2 cv>> although homesis, at least stopped goi any material amount anyteporterk ad recovery in home pric consis@tent rnoisc rec es natio@noc rec 2er, "nigh fvreóapocvrt."c om2: the fveróae
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ho@me modify their mortgages.@noc rec 2urns out, while the@noc rec gv mac was making it mono rec fo2r homegvowóanecvrs to rei gvwer cost mortgages, was making financial trade profit when homeowners the trad@ @chris noarc noreldc o2f @noc v tom.@noc d not use@noc rec 2gva "coordinated" necnoosc reec 2 tu said wereóacv neddie ma@cno@noc orewnc er2sio c 2makinggvóacv credie time, thy @ut into the making@ pay
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hvrehoc me2ownoc rec 2 c 2nothvóa cvsee anyo actions . @>@nd the tra, you@ noalc sore e protecting its portfolio,cvre.ct any other in no not anotherdes.e is that@ c 2 is undernoc rec 2hvóacv-- was tac 2hvóacv basically. so t this company, and theth the sto@ re@noc hreomc eo2wnershvnoc rev that run counter tohvóacv mission? answer thatreddie mac s@aid just that@noc re wc e2ll said
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@noc rec 2hvóa cvnner workingsio to their issue a nowac ways, if 2o@ that.noc rec quick. c re thivisóa icvs g administrati2latorivóacv of mac, in conservatorship@. reporter@ younoc rec nothing . noc rec 2iv tóahecv storyivóacv did not quibble wit. >>the facts in@story. i belisay, loo@k,noc rec 2 have@ $20 s@noc thousands jv r ho@mesnoc rec 2 aivc rec 2%
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moit seems like a lot of@ >> tom:@ inos.c rec homeowner v chris "nonbc r"rec 2jvóacv toniv >> housing crisis t@o jo @noc rec 2 heads to the sunshinv we hear from a florida e 2v washington if the nation ke@ it has done in the exte@nding notac x off spending cuts-- thets, @ovem óah cvreports, thet dilemma is n @nor: if we cut theficit ri@ghti the bush tax@noc rec 2jvóacvng-e @defijvcióat cvwill drop dramat.
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c re>>c c redeficit, that wi@no c bu2t as mkvoróae cvbaby boomef our ec kvanc d rethc at2 counoc rec 2 detrillion.kvóacv >> tke,@not will be to makeause2 >> reporter:@noc rec 2kvóacvd kv the medi that sounds good on papetion ponolic tire@noc rec 2kvess report," washington.c rec 2kvóav noc as a stro month overall sha@
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2markkv noc rec 2kvóacvlvóacv january enk market, but it was o for the @noc re2 after some ong bnoesc freelc lr core tc o 2repairlvóacvomewhat,% higher t the month.@noc re noc rec 2lvóacvanuary since@noc2 rally brings that the direction of stockicese en@tire and it has b@noc rec 2 the dow industri@noc rec 2lvóa the offirec 2lvóacv 500 is has been the nasdaq, up8. but it was the @that hnour noamc onreg c th2ose welv sectornoc rec 2lvóacvlvoóacvpenr
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than expectations, i@no naturaln c rehuc rt2 naturmvalóa gcvaseno c 2lysts expressed cre mvóaa cvcombination of tcrease n spending.exxon's 2% drop was th @among nodoc w reinc du2strinocv stof exxon's@noector c reur web site, nw@noc rec 2ngo eamvrnóaincvgs.lied moremvóacv-k low.@d its@noc rec 2 2012 forecasnoc rec 2mvóacvolesl cvfightilockbust lipitor lilly also saw a drug lo@se
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pa@noc rec 2@om a ynoeac rrec 2a ago, they were stronger thanrec, radio shack looked to be loser today after four@noc nococ mere uc p 2way shnvoró rmal.the re@tailerno bc laremeci nvóac rec 2nvóacvit also suspenk buyback plan, adding to 's "mart @focus.@noc rec 2noc rec 2nvóacv
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>> tom: it's the biggestyet forv nation and one of the @most hige c reged housing @noc rec @no meovdióacacv surgical basrec 2ovóacv here. th inviting what@ doesnoc u abot c jorebsc .2'sc e2cono sno cvin to become busines2ovóacv to opportunities to
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number one and l us@ jobs, the hearing@ thosnoec rec? rec ynoouc krenoc this is a vv pvyoóa tono óacvobs.pv we creatingpvóajocvbs here in tf florida, of@no@ tnohac trec 2 are educated, andnoc rec 2pv tóaocvs >> tom: i want to ask we get iny stymieing youradvanced m@anufacy 2enodic carelc 2 ppvróang the s óacvlabor available with almost a 10% unem >> being one of@noc companies t @americnoa,c iret'c s 2tougpeoe noc were'rc e2pvóacv w this. >>c 2pvóacv whation o to prospects?@ time and
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@arenoc rec 2pvóa ph.d.-typec c 2that'sqv wóahacvt we ne nation. and it's vóacv those types of to open>> tom: hc we have t @nd ourselves@ and it @thesenocy noc herealc th2 care,qv rec rec 2qvóacv thisóacv we h a@crossnoc hurting gra@cknoc rec 2qvóagree? c 2inoc re @noc rec engc i2nqvóacvot of m@
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are@ lonongc rec 2 trvo thingsna politicarvóa cvthe mayor of miami, ran as u.s. senate. quality@ ofround the@noc rec 2s the@isno tc haretc 2rvóa cvhathv 1%, noc rec to@environonmc enretsc s2n e ferre, c@o surgical.@noc rec a >> susie: he's what we'renoc rev january sales numbers.ayroll
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pr@ocessinobs numbers.@noc rec u @here's st2ons tosvóacv new claims ton@noc rec trade practices are killing @iny @ ha jobs inhedustry are at@noc noc three c re2ason c 2svóacvers illnoc rec 2svóacv allegedly co@>> tom: ap@ple henn browett ran @noc rec 2svtronic@noc
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c rec 2svóacv cvlobetv.óacv april, reporting dir@noc @noc re 2tvóacv v @noc res feeling a bit of dejae@
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noc re's dan gross, columnist a@ uvóacvve.noc rec 2uvóacv surrounded sigones. @noer '60s era icon 2kept cnoomc inreg c to2 mhey n óacvchc da2vos wauvs óacrcveatet european-american pr @esand social woes.@noc rec but as@noc rec 2uvóarethc is2 ys comparatively littabout the woee @noc h an@dnoc rec 2uv is now taken as a given.cenorncv formerly rich countries.gethuvev its debts? whrecession?@ion
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@noc rec 2big question looming v competence.óacvrsed, theh an open one.@noc in davos, where a hard snofallie 2eatherman to know which waynoc óacvi'c >>2 tom: vvanóad cvfinat @x noc wirethc spent, tonightsc@oreboanordc " r sharnoowc re.c 2vvóacvvvóacv >> reporter: with mon people exr market@ers. @noc rec 2mes a cost.noc rec 2vv noc rec 2vvóacvc y 2thevvóacvivv
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@noc rec 2t in share price is tv associated with advertising inc. public@noc @noc rec 2wvnocrc ite they can afford tolion for 30 so more than some com@noc rec e of@ the shoe retailer aired aracialg the 1999 game and bankruptcyear.@noc of the story,
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janu@ary 31 i'm susie gharib.@noc rec 2and v tomorrow night. cvade possible by:@noc @noc reca captioned by @noc rec 2c noc
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